The management team have been associated with the motor industry all of their lives.

hedley3Hedley James served his time in the ship building industry as a tool-maker.

His 45 year work history has seen him in time and motion study, production planning, gear cutting, warehousing, operations management, and general manager positions both in Australia and New Zealand, mainly with REPCO group of manufacturing and engine reconditioning companies, until the mid-80’s.

Lesley James, has been an identity around the western suburbs as a parts driver for dealerships and other parts distributors and now runs the company accounts systems.

scott3Scott James
served his time at the ACL piston and ring manufacturing plant in Fitting and Machining.

Since joining the family business in 1990, Scott has established himself as a successful engine builder. The diversity of engines that he has successfully run through the business is listed elsewhere on this site and the skills and knowledge used have been developed from his involvement in the race industry.

He has several wins in the HQ Nationals, most recent being 2006 at HIdden Valley, holds track records at Barthurst, Indy Carnival, and at numerous other tracks around Australia.

This success extends across to the shoot out comps at Jeff’s Shed with a GTR giving 500kw and SR20 DET with 330kw, not to mention a 1932 Ford Roadster land speed record attempt with 550 bhp at the wheels.

To keep up with the precision machining demands of the modern engine, and to diversify the business, Scott has commenced to upgrade the company to CNC machines.

Mission Statement:   Our goal is to provide the highes quality service and workmanship to our trade and retail customers.  We strive to identify and satisfy the needs of our customers and deliver the right products or service on time, the first time, every time.

Standards: The company achieved Quality Assurance accrediation to AS/NZS ISO 9002 IN 1995. Since 1997, accrediation has been replaced with an invication to clients to conduct an audit of our system.

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