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Holden LSI

The Dyno sheets attached are the before(Refer to 2a below) and after (refer to 2b below) effects of work we did to a Holden LS1, Gen111, V8 engine. this engine was in for a set of new pistons and the owner decided to have another attempt at getting some performance improvement at the same time. The first dyno sheet shows why he wasn’t happy; after a lot of expense, the engine wasn’t really strong. A new camshaft was selected, together with matching cylinder head porting and valve seat work, and all combustion chambers were “blueprinted”. The camshaft was dialed in during engine assembly to suit the street application of this vehicle. Then off to the chassis dyno for the input of the tuning experts.

End result: Very happy customer….and one very strong LS1 (Ref 2b)

Costs for the extras? To supply the camshaft, valve springs and head work: allow for $1900.00 on top of the engine build.

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2a_dyno_l      2b_dyno_l