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James Race Engines


pic5This Saturday night special started off as a 308 Holden. It now has a 365 stroked crank with Carrillo rods hanging off Ross pistons.

The alloy heads have 32 man hours of blueprinting to work in with a Wade roller camshaft and a tidy set of intakes for the fuel injection.

The assembly is protected by a nice set of hand made alloy covers and sump with a modified oil delivery and Motec engine management.


pic3Rob Ambrousi’s Top Alcohol funny car engine. Rob came to us with this Keith Black 540 cubic inch, 3000 BHP, engine with a window in the side of the block showing the exit point of a broken con rod. The result of a serious blow-up in Western Australia.

Three man weeks later, the hole and the missing oil gallery and pan rail were all repaired. The cracked rear main bearing cap was another 17 man hours of surgery by our machinist.

pic2The result gave the team a reliable engine that was upgraded with a P.S.I Supercharger, a new magneto and a waterman fuel system fed from a fory millimetre diameter fuel line.

The type of engine launches the vehicle at 5000 RPM, then goes through three gear changes, each at 9200 RPM and crosses the line for a high 6 second pass for the 1/4 mile.


See ARTICLES and read how we did this repair work: 3000 BHP Kieth Black block.