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“Petrol, Diesel, Industrial,
Marine, and Performance Engines’

To specialize in doing the owner’s own engine,the company has to be self-contained for its machining. That’s what we do: whilst the block is being rebored and honed, the crankshaft is being ground and at the other end of the shop the head and or head’s are being reconditioned.

By booking in a typical modern standard petrol engine, we turn it around in 3-5 working days fully assembled.
Diesel engines take 4-7 working day’s depending on make.

Cylinder Heads

The normal turn around time is 1-2 days for the owner’s own cylinder head. We can cut this time if you want one of our reconditioned exchange head’s. Get an inspection first and then we can guide you towards the fastest outcome.

Drive in, Drive out service is now available.

Due to the increasing degree of difficulty in major engine and cylinder head work, many mechanical workshops are no longer offering this service.

So…we have installed the equipment to do the whole job ourselves in-house. This includes 4000kg hoists for the heavier four-wheel drive vehicles.

Retail and trade enquiries welcomed.

Engineering Machine Shop

Manufacturing capabilities are offered in lathe-work, CNC milling, cylindrical grinding and fitting. Our trades are automotive machining, fitting and turning, and tool making.

The team have a very good knowledge of metallurgy, in addition to their machining ability, and are very conscious of service and quality. Our team cares.

Engine Parts

Buy your engine parts from us. We sell those brands that we can endorse with our reputation.

Why should you do otherwise!

Crack Testing

We are qualified to level one in Non-Destructive-Testing using our 3000 amp NDT Bench and UV Light or dye penetrants.


A comprehensive range of welding facilities support the business.

Problem Engine Diagnosis

It’s too big an industry for any one of us to know it all. We understand how tough it can be; particularly if you are in a one man shop. Call us for a second opinion, and if safe, get the vehicle to us before pulling it apart. We prefer to listen and see the problem when it is running to enable us to assist you properly.

Download a Failure Manual (5.52mb PDF), courtesy of Mahle Engine Components Australia Pty Lt)


We operate with a grab-and run toolbox equipped for thread repairs. Please call for us before snapping off an