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Special Engine Builds

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Shots of a stroked Cleveland about to go into a genuine GT out of the south western suburbs of Melburne, Watch
this space for the chassis dyno report.

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Small block Chev 383 stroker which pulled an easy 400+ BHP on the engine dyno. Now in a lovely restored EK Holden with a power to weight ratio that burns rubber in all gears.

IMG_0051This 396 Chrysler was prepared for one of the classis roadster “Hot Rods” The whole vehicle is a real piece of trade skills on display. Our part was to find and rectify a low oil pressure problem when the engine got to operating temperature. We found it and had to re-sleeve all lifter bores, to tighten up clearances, and sort out the oil gallery internals together with rocker geometry and numerous other anomalies found during the rebuild. Now it’s a very sweet piece of old engineering running as it should be.

IMG_0151This is a AMCA chassis class of racing that we have recently become involved with.They run a very restricted Holden 253 V8 engine on methanol. We are developing this within a tight budget. It was tested at the recent Nationals, held at Parramatta, achieved a couple of placings during the heats, but ran into tyre problems. Watch this place.




This VZ V6 Holden engine was reblocked following a traffic accident that tore out a side engine mount from the  original block.